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And we actually relieve the center a little deeper just to make sure no weight gets put on the keel.

Jennifer, I was thinking of getting this trailer too. I also live in NY. Oh and of course you have to pay for the inspection. I have that trailer and have used it for the past three seasons. The trailer was easy to build and came with everything you need. After three years in the weather it does not have any rust and I have not had any problems.

I did remove the roller and attached to bunk boards on the front.

Harbor Freight Trailer build

These are similar to the boards that are on the rear of the trailer. I used wing nuts on the bolts so they can be removed. I agree with previous posts to trail the boat with the deck down. For this purpose I built a cradle that attaches to the trailer. I also have a tube for the sail that fits into the cradle that secures nicely to the front bow support of the trailer.

I used to tow the boat with a pick up truck, but because of rising gas prices I have replaced with a small SUV.

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I just built a platform with sides similar to a truck bed that mounts to the trailer. I have used it to haul lumber and even a sofa for my mother in law. Having the ability to use the trailer for other items than the boat is a bonus for those of us whom have spouses that think we spend to much on the wonderful sport of sailing. I know I am not the only one out there. I would not hesitate to buy the trailer. I know there is not a better deal out on the market. Thanks everyone for your input! I have placed the order. Unfortunately, it is currently backordered and won't arrive for a month.

StarsandStripes New Member Jul 31, Another option for a similar trailer for the 'fish is to use a 4' x 8' trailer from Home Depot built by the same Taiwan outift that Harbor Freight sells.

Harbor Freight 1,720 LB Super Duty Trailer - Before & After (What you Need to Know)

Install a sheet of pressure treated plywood as a base so that you can also use it as a utilty trailer. Build and install frames or perpendicular bunk boards and fit them into the brackets along the trailer meant for the 2x4's for the uprights. On my way to pick up the wood, I stopped by the DMV and registered the trailer. The top of the metal trailer frame has hex bolts that sit proud of the surface at every intersection, which meant the floor would not sit flush. I used a Forstner bit just larger than the bolt heads to carve out a recess, allowing the floor to sit flat.

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  4. 1720 Lbs. Capacity 48 in. x 96 in. Super Duty Folding Trailer!
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Near the fenders, there are are two hex bolts close together. After boring most of the material away, I cleaned it up with a chisel until the floor sat totally flush when flipped back over. After verifying that the floor was flush, I flipped it over once again, clamped it on the frame, crawled under the trailer, and marked all of the available bolt hole locations. The are the bolts that attach the floor to the frame.

Next, I drilled the hole for the carriage bolt to drop in. You can see above how the bolt sits just below the face of the floor. I pounded the heads in and then attached the galvanized lock nuts and lock washers from below using a wrench. With the floor taken care of, I moved on to the sides. Using a cross-cut jig and circular saw , I cut one of those pieces in half, giving me the two four foot end pieces. I added a tongue jack to help move the trailer around, previous to this I was resting it on a bucket.

The jack is a back saver, especially when lifting a fully loaded trailer off the hitch of my vehicle. With the front and rear walls cut and glued up, I could move on to the vertical posts that will connect the walls to the trailer frame. You can see how the post fits nicely around the wall support rail with it notched out. Thread Tools. I've purchased a small, It came with an older trailer, looks to be in decent shape but I'm not exactly thrilled with the prospect of having a boat on a trailer in the back yard.

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  • I've already posted about cartopping it but came to the realization that it's just too heavy, pounds, to put on the top of a Honda CRV. I plan to store the boat between the shed and fence. At least that's the plan today. Had anyone purchased one of those trailers? If so, what was the quality like?

    How did it hold up? Any other issues with the quality? I'll be picking up the boat either tomorrow or Sunday and my kids are stoked Thanks again View Public Profile. Send a private message to DWS. Send a private message to bigdave Find More Posts by bigdave I had one of those for 10 years. Send a private message to racer Find More Posts by racer I have had one for about 7 years.

    It has held up fine. As long as you use it to transport and don't back it into the water it should last a while with a lb boat. Send a private message to jrolin1.

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    Find More Posts by jrolin1. Originally Posted by racer Send a private message to CheapThrill. Find More Posts by CheapThrill. A Few Dollars. Senior Member. That's the first time I heard Harbor Freight and Quality used together. Send a private message to A Few Dollars. I bought some angle grinders when they were on sale a while back.

    Myself and friends have used a number of Harbor Freight trailers for years. Great luck with them. I'd buy one again in a heartbeat. Now their pressure washers on the other hand are J-U-N-K.